27th, 28th, 29th November in Zaragoza

Congreso Internacional de Economía Social y Solidaria Inscripción al Congreso Internacional de Economía Social y Solidaria

Segment 1: Dialogues between ESYS, governments and other social organizations

One of the most important challenges solidary economy faces is to increase the the level of relationships and exchanges with different agents and social institutions that play a central role in the transformation of our society. We count on the participation of government representatives, trade unions, political parties, public institutions and social economy initiatives.

What you will find in this segment:

  • Co-identification of topics of interest for the intercooperation between different agents.
  • Improvements in the mechanisms of dialogues between institutions and public administrations.
  • Valuing successful collaborative experiences.
  • Current issues analysis.

More information: La economía social y solidaria y el desarrollo de políticas públicas