27th, 28th, 29th November in Zaragoza

Congreso Internacional de Economía Social y Solidaria Inscripción al Congreso Internacional de Economía Social y Solidaria

Segment 3. Opportunities and challenges of ethical finances

The financial alternatives based on ethical and democratic principles are one of the organisational realities most emphasised in solidary economy. Potential growth in the coming years is very high if it manages to make good use of the opportunities and if it faces the challenges successfully. This means meeting demand and access to conscious credit and saving services, as well as banking operations.

What you will find in this segment:

  • The generation of new opportunities for dialogue and exchange between the major players in the financial world in the context of the social economy based on the richness of different models and approaches.
  • Reflection on the adequacy services offered to the existing demand, how to connect supply with demand and how to help projects to understand their own financial needs.
  • Discussion and proposed alternatives to the current financial reality.
  • Promotion of processes on economical transformation towards more sustainable and solidary models.

More information: Las finanzas éticas al servicio de la economía solidaria y los mercados sociales