27th, 28th, 29th November in Zaragoza

Congreso Internacional de Economía Social y Solidaria Inscripción al Congreso Internacional de Economía Social y Solidaria

Segment 4. The generation and transfer of knowledge in the social and solidary economy: Contributions from feminism and other economies

The Social and Solidary Economy is a favoured field to implement the theories that understand the economy as something more than the effective assignment of resources. To construct a productive fabric that puts people and their social and ecological context in the center means that they can decide what is produced, as well as how and why. Production is at the service of the sustainability of life, both the human and ecological environment, in which it operates.

What you will find in this segment:

  • Critical contribution from feminist economy and environmentalist economy.
  • Strengthening of existing bridges between different formal and informal nodes where knowledge is produced.
  • Opening anomalous collaborations between university researchers and workers who are doing another economy from their cooperative company.
  • Access to situated and valuable knowledge, which is hard to find and to which all are entitled.

More information: La (re)producción social del conocimiento requiere de unas condiciones sociales mínimas