27th, 28th, 29th November in Zaragoza

Congreso Internacional de Economía Social y Solidaria Inscripción al Congreso Internacional de Economía Social y Solidaria

Segment 5. Creation and sustainability of economic and solidary fabric

The traditional business model is being challenged by its form of organising and managing wage labor, based on strong inequalities and unable to secure employment for ever larger segments of the population. The alternatives offered by the social and solidary economy continue to expand, although not without threats of precarisation, atomisation and vulnerability, unless we think collectively about how to strengthen the tools for the creation and consolidation of the social and solidary fabric.

What you find in this segment:

  • Exchange of successful experiences around different dimensions involved in business organization.
  • Deepening the mechanisms of democratisation in companies.
  • Detection of diversification opportunities and local development.
  • Connection between entities to facilitate the creation and consolidation of inter and intra relations cooperation.
  • Reflection about labor initiatives born from citizen initiatives and social movements.

More information: Aprendiendo a cuidar, fortalecer y ampliar el tejido solidario